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As a business owner/Service Professional, your time is valuable. Your goal is to ensure you are as productive as possible every minute of every day. The last thing you want to do after a busy day out in the field is to sit at your desk and enter the customer invoices, job estimates, or other day-to-day activities as some accounting software programs require. EazeTAX has the perfect cloud-accounting solution for your business.

What is Cloud Accounting?

EazeTAX believes it is important for business owners to have access to their financial data anytime and anywhere. Cloud accounting is accounting software and data stored in secured online server vaults, which are accessible via an internet web browser via your mobile or a tablet. It is the same software once operated on your desktop, but now you don’t have to wait until you are in the office to handle the daily transactions – you can access the platform on any device that has internet connectivity. Having accessibility to your accounting software and data, anywhere allows you to record a sale by creating and emailing an invoice to your client at the job site or accept payments and post those payments in one quick step.

Why use Cloud Accounting?

Cloud Accounting Software is an affordable and easy-to-use program, which can handle every facet of your accounting needs. The beauty of Cloud based accounting program is, it can be accessed by multiple users at one-time regardless of their location, you can access your financial data. Cloud offers the highest level of SSL security to ensure the data stored in our cloud is safe and secure from outside intrusion or theft. Another benefit of the cloud is that your data is stored outside of your business location and, in the event your location is damaged due to fire, flood, or natural disaster, your database is safe because Cloud Accounting servers automatically backup and secure your information.EazeTAX is partnered with Cloud Accounting Software with varied accounting software vendors and is proficient and efficient in using the tools this powerful software offers its customers. If you, or your staff, require training on using Cloud Accounting Software, contact the experts at EazeTAX and we will guide your steps.

Consultant Services – Tax and Related Bookkeeping

Every business owner benefits from understanding the financial health and well interpretation of data of their business reports. Precise data reported from the day-to-day activities provides insight into the company’s fiscal wellness. The data tells a story of what is working or not working within your organization if you know how to interpret the information provided. EazeTAX Consulting and Advisor Service excels at analyzing financial statements to provide business owners the insights they need to make sound decisions for their company.At the end of each period, financial statements are printed and filed as a historical record. Many business owners do not realize the value of the information contained in these reports; however, we can guarantee that lenders, vendors, and even your potential customers understand the value of these reports. These companies want to build relationships with phisically healthy companies. They need assurance that your company is able to cover a loan payment or that you will pay for the product or service you order on time. Even your potential customers are interested in your company’s fiscal wellness, as they are unlikely to begin a long-term construction project with a company who is unable to sustain itself in the short-term. For these reasons, it is imperative that business owners have a solid understanding of how to interpret their financial statements.Our experts are just a phone call away or also available via chat/SMS and available at a moment’s notice to assist you with any situation that may arise. Our consultants and advisers have the knowledge and experience required to analyze your Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement, and Cash Flow Statement, to name a few. They can assist you with Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Budget Preparation, Projected Future Cash Flow, and create a forecast of your company’s future growth based on current activity. This knowledge is valuable when your business is applying for loans to grow your business. In addition, having this knowledge allows you to make the best decisions for your business today; therefore, ensuring you will be around to serve your customers tomorrow.If you require our expertise now or would like to know more about our consulting and advisor Services, please call us any time at (587) 409-3199 or email us at The experts at EazeTAX are available when you need us.

Remittances – GST and WCB

Time is essential for the wellbeing of any business. As a successful business owner, you likely have already discovered that the profitability of your company rests in the details of managing your business on time. Your never-ending workday is consumed with responsibilities like preparing proposals, managing employees, dealing with customer concerns, collections, ordering materials and supplies, paying vendors and employees, preparing client reports, ensuring timely remittance of mandated tax forms and governmental reports, and the list goes on and on.One of the most problematic areas for business owners is managing the monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual remittances required by governmental oversight and CRA. Each remittance has its own set of reporting guidelines and sometimes multiple submission deadlines to meet. When a remittance is overlooked, not filed in a timely manner, or not filed accurately, these agencies often impose harsh penalties and interest regardless if it was an honest mistake or oversight. Regardless of whether you or a member of your staff makes a mistake, your corporation pays the price. Whether you are currently experiencing issues you need assistance with fixing or just want to avoid them all together, EazeTAX is the expert you need to ensure all mandated filings are remitted to the appropriate agencies accurately and on-time. At EazeTAX, we have 30 years of combined industry experience and are experts at preparing remittance reports such as (GST), Workers Compensation Board (WCB) reporting, Payroll Taxes and the T5018, to name a few. We take your data, prepare the appropriate reports, and once reviewed, then signed or approved by you, submit them electronically or via mail as required by the agency with the appropriate payment – always accurate, always on time. We use model tools like Digital Signatures and cloud storage and access to you, whenever needed.As a business owner, nobody knows better than you how important it is to pay attention to the details of your business. Don’t waste your time with people who give an opinion but not a result. Paying attention to the little details of running your business increases your chance for success exponentially; therefore, you can’t afford not to email EazeTAX at or call us today, (587) 409-3199 to set up your free consultation and an estimate. Once estimated, we will not change our fee subsequently.