EazeTAX is a professional Tax and bookkeeping firm focused on helping small to medium sized businesses in Canada. We provide a wide scope of Tax planning, bookkeeping and consulting services, which are fit to each client’s unique needs. We take pride in reaching out to our clients at very short notice. Our Staff have more than combined 30 years’ experience in Tax, Bookkeeping, Accounting and ERP software. EazeTAX is very fast in giving solutions to the different industry in which the clients belong and their particular goals and do not waste our client’s valued time and would give an estimate ASAP. Whether you are a startup business owner requiring full cycle bookkeeping or a catchup/backlog bookkeeping work requiring high-level assistance in tax planning, representing clients with CRA, file management, EazeTAX will provide expert services tailored to you.

EazeTAX does more than enter your data into an accounting cloud program. We are first in the world to offer $1 a day for Bookkeeping on a yearly contract. We teach clients, the procedure for file management, document storage and safe keeping. We invest our time to understand new technologies which are thoroughly tested before implementing or suggesting to our clients as to how they operate and how they overcome industry specific challenges. Our experience allows us to help numbered and named corporations become more productive, efficient, and profitable. We offer the following services:

  • Full Cycle Bookkeeping, including tax returns, GST and WCB returns
  • Catch Up/Backlog Bookkeeping
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable management
  • Cloud Accounting with QuickBooks, Wave, Zoho Accounting Software
  • Mail management and scan and reply Consultant/Advisor Services
  • Payroll Services

EazeTAX understands the value of accurate and timely reporting. We work with each client to determine the types and frequency of reporting required for their business. The most common reports are:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report
  • Bank Reconciliation Reports
  • Amortization/Depreciation Schedules
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Vendor Payable Report
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Statistics Canada Reports

EazeTAX assists our clients with understanding each report. This type of detailed bookkeeping may be overwhelming to some clients. Our bookkeeping service can easily track customer down payments, earned and projected revenue, and itemized expenses by project. EazeTAX clients have the most up-to-date information available when critical decisions are required. As a bonus, because we offer cloud-based accounting software to our clients, this vital information is at the clients’ fingertips whenever and wherever they need it.Let EazeTAX be a partner to your Corporation’s success. Please contact us at (587) 409-3199 to get started. We look forward to hearing from you soon.